#ADN dance party set to shake, rattle n roll Christmas across continents


The news dropped into the final half hour of tonight's #MondayNightDanceParty (MNDP) on App.net (ADN) -- the weekly bash is set to go global for the first time on Christmas Eve, said disc jockey @jdscolam, adding that his tag-team alternates for the 24-hour event will be DJs @sham, @po and @michelelewis. 

For weeks, virtual MNDP tunes have been spun by Oklahoma-based @jdscolam, making it difficult for those outside the south-central U.S. to participate. 

The DJ trio plan to play tunes using the MNDP.tv Vidcast interface hosted on ADN, conceived and developed over the past few months by @duerig, @33mhz, @q and @ryantharp.

The setup allows users to post music requests via a chat room within which they can also interact. Requests and related chatter can also be broadcast into the main update streams of ADN participants.

The Christmas Eve event will be semi-automated, @duerig said, adding: "We'll have DJs in several timezones ... interacting and mostly letting it go on autopilot so people can have it on in the background to listen to."

Users are also being urged to post Christmas greetings using the hashtag  #MNDPHolidayGreeting or to upload via a specially set up Patter room, so they can be compiled and played during the gala event. 

"It can be a song, or anything you want," @duerig said. " A 30-second video of yourself is the idea. But could be you doing anything. Just post the YouTube link. And if you want to just do audio, we've got a way to upload that, too." 

@Sham will kick off events at 1300 on Dec. 24, 2012, in Singapore. @po will broadcast later in the day from Brighton Lewes in the UK. 

"The playlists will start about 1pm in each of our local timezones, though @po and I may not be on and hanging out right then" said @jdscolam. "We'll announce the hangout times later."

In general, outside of the official MNDP event, users can post YouTube songs on ADN with the hashtag #jukebox and they will play automatically in a Vidcast environment, becoming part of a stream of songs.

Visiting http://vidcast-app.net allows users to create a stream event that others can join. If users want to try "jukebox mode", which will play the tunes as if by an automated DJ, they can visit http://vidcast-app.net/view and the feed will play YouTube links with the #jukebox hashtag.

App.net was set up by developers, for developers, as a sort of online refuge independent from advertisers -- allowing creative freedom and more entrepreneurial activity. It was launched as a subscription service in the summer.

It was also meant to strike at the heart of Twitter, which has become increasingly commercial, exclusive and more difficult for developers to use as a platform for innovation over the past six years.

ADN allows for 256 characters as opposed to Twitter’s 140, meaning there is more in-depth conversation – less broadcast, more chat. 
For more info from the organisers, visit #MondayNightDanceParty Christmas Special

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